Colloidal Oat Bath Soak

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Colloidal Oat Bath Soak  | A for Apothecary
size: 150ml

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100% Ecocert Cosmos certified organic Avena Sativa (Oat) - From UK

How to Use?
- Add 1-2 tablespoons of colloidal oat in a warm (around body temperature) bath and soak for 10-15 minutes.
- You can use a washcloth or sponge to cleanse baby's hair, face and hard to reach areas.
- Do not oversoak.
- Formula is rinse-free hence there is no need to wash away the colloidal oat water.
- Pat skin dry.
- Apply baby oil after the bath to lock in moisture. We recommend A For Apothecary's Baby Oil with Jojoba & Oat.

- Colloidal oat baths remove dirt and grime without stripping your baby’s sensitive skin of its natural protective layer.
- Natural lipids and beta-glucan keep baby skin moisturized and hydrated.
- Clinically proven to reduce redness and skin irritation due to eczema, chickenpox, nappy rash, heat rash, bug bites.

More Information:

- Free from SLS, preservatives, parabens, fragrance & 26 common potential skin allergens in skincare.
- An advanced organic pharmaceutical-grade colloidal oat contains high levels of natural actives such as beta-glucan, avenanthramides, oil and protein due to its unique patented manufacturing process. It effectively forms a physical barrier on the skin surface to keep skin moisturized and hydrated.
- Natural saponins gently cleanse baby from head to toe without stripping its natural protective layer.


- ECOCERT Natural Cosmos Approved
- GMO-Free
- Fragrance-Free
- Hypo-Allergenic
- Free from allergens
- Free from animals (Not tested on animals)
- Halal Approved Production Ingredients.

How is Colloidal Oat different from normal oats?
Pharmaceutical grade Colloidal Oat is processed from whole oats and includes the bran. A for Apothecary's patented processing method achieves a small particle size that is impossible to be done using a home grinder. This allows the Colloidal Oat powder to be dispersed evenly in water & remain suspended, allowing the skin to be fully hydrated & cleansed. Raw oats from the grocery do not contain bran, which is where the actives such as beta-glucan, lipids, avenanthramides, etc are found. Our oats are a special type of Finnish oats, grown specifically for skincare as they contain higher levels of beta-glucan. Tested in clinical trials & to USP (United states pharmaceutical) standard, certified organic & natural, our Colloidal Oat Bathsoak is suitable for the most sensitive newborn skin. Free from SLS, preservatives, parabens, fragrance & 26 common potential skin allergens in skincare. Truly the most natural baby bath you can get.
*Oat Lipid E won BSB Innovation Prize 2015 for Best Functional Ingredient.