The Bub List believes in living consciously, being passionate, inspired, and driven by the four core guiding principles of the company. We constantly engage in deeper conversations with the brands we carry, on the what, how, where and when.


Materials are ethically harvested and manufactured in environmentally friendly facilities that are committed to socially responsible and sustainable practices.

Workshops and factories are compliant and meet global standards and certifications, this means products are regularly tested for harmful substances and free of toxic-releasing chemicals. 


All products are mindfully sourced to minimize our environmental impact, with our focus to use GOTS-certified organic cotton, bamboo cotton muslin, french linen and silicone materials that do not shed toxic microfibres as compared to plastic or polyester which will take hundreds of years to completely biodegrade.


Our curation celebrates timelessness and the selected styles are hand picked to suit all seasons, with quality that stand the test of time and designs built to last generations.